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Water-Based & Discharge Printing

We strive to produce high quality water-based and discharge printing on the very best organic, eco friendly, or recycled materials.  Why water-based or discharge printing? 

Water-based inks give our shirts a super soft feel, making it incredibly comfortable and breathable for your 'little seed' to wear.  Not only does it look and feel better than your your average printed tee, but it is more eco-friendly, too! These inks avoid harmful PVC's and phylates that plastisol inks are known for. Plastisol is basically a thicker, heavier, PVC based ink…which is pretty much a form of plastic. We only want the best for our munchkins, and our environment.

Discharge printing gives us the same soft hand as water-based printing.  This method of printing uses discharge water-based inks that remove the actual fiber dye of the shirt, and replaces it with the colors chosen for the design.  The result leaves us with crisp, detailed prints that are amazingly soft! 

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